Does Size Really Matter?

Posted by Mark Franklin, Operations Director, DA-Desk on 23-Oct-2016 15:04:56

Of course, it does! At least, when it comes to the size of a vessel and the impact on the port costs.

Often, very little consideration is taken of the specifications...

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The DA-Desk Difference: Consistency in High Quality Service

Posted by DA-Desk on 18-Aug-2016 12:30:00


A tangible product is only one aspect of the supplier/customer relationship. The other aspect is service.

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The DA-Desk Difference: Leading with New Features and Products

Posted by DA-Desk on 04-Aug-2016 12:30:00


The development of new products is critical to an organisation’s business performance.

From generating ideas based on customer feedback, to the actual development...

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Meeting Compliance Requirements in Shipping & Maritime Services

Posted by DA-Desk on 25-Jul-2016 11:07:58


Shipping companies are increasingly facing regulatory pressures. A growing list of requirements relating to financial and systems controls, and compliance with...

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The DA-Desk Difference: Unique Products and Services

Posted by DA-Desk on 21-Jul-2016 12:30:00


At the forefront of DA-Desk’s success in earning the trust of its leading customers operating globally lies its non-negotiable fundamental principles of...

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Security and Fraud Protection In Maritime Transport & Shipping ...

Posted by DA-Desk on 11-Jul-2016 12:30:00

At DA-Desk, security and fraud prevention are at the top of our list when it comes to ensuring that our customers’ transactions and data are secure. Our...

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The DA-Desk Difference: Leading with Co-Creation

Posted by DA-Desk on 07-Jul-2016 12:30:00

A growing trend in business and product development is ‘co-creation’. By its very name, it implies a collaboration between two or more parties. In our case, we...

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The DA-Desk Difference: Customer Focused Service

Posted by DA-Desk on 23-Jun-2016 11:13:30

Business success can be defined by various benchmarks. At DA-Desk, the most important tool for measuring our success is by understanding the users of our services...

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A Captain’s view on Smart Operations, Singapore, 12th May 2016

Posted by Capt. Errol Gonsalves on 20-May-2016 11:28:50

This 9th in the series of events organised by Fathom Maritime Intelligence had a more than moderate turnout last week in Singapore. Kudos to the speakers at the...

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A Captain's View on Navigating Charter Parties

Posted by Capt. Errol Gonsalves on 08-May-2016 15:17:37


‘A Rather Crypt’, ‘RecapHart Try’, ‘Act Harp Retry’

Those are some strange sentences! Perhaps they make some more sense when you learn that they are anagrams of...

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