The DA-Desk Difference: Leading with New Features and Products

Posted by DA-Desk on 04-Aug-2016 12:30:00


The development of new products is critical to an organisation’s business performance.

From generating ideas based on customer feedback, to the actual development of a product or service, and finally launching the product to the market, questions about the innovation process abound.

One particular factor in the development of new products and services relates to the role of the customer. How much should customers be used in the product or service development and innovation process? How much do they want to be involved? And if they do get involved, what effect might that have on the final release of the new product?

Hans–Christian Mordhorst, Managing Director of DA-Desk, explains:

An interview with Hans-Christian Mordhorst by TECOM Group.

At DA-Desk, the team is fortunate enough to receive visits from customers or be invited for on-site visits. In-person customer engagement in turn assists a great deal in understanding customer needs and gauging the requirements of an ever-changing market. This enables DA-Desk to produce and develop products that add true value to the customers.  DA-Desk also recruits from within industries related to their customers’ businesses in order to acquire first-hand knowledge of how to best facilitate product development and meet customer expectations.

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